Thanks for making the 140th Leonard Picnic a Success!

On behalf of the Leonard Chamber Of Commerce, I would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation to all of those who made the 140th Leonard Picnic a success.

When you think of volunteers, you think mainly of time and effort, the main ingredient being time. As you know, time is something that cannot be created, accumulated, bought or even borrowed. Therefore, an individual’s time should be considered a precious commodity. When a person chooses to volunteer, they have decided to give up their own time to support activities to benefit others.

As you can imagine it takes an army of volunteers to make the Leonard Picnic happen each year, along with months of planning and scheduling. Every job is an important contribution to the goal. Your commitment and support is the key to making the event successful.

Listed below are just some of the people and businesses that helped make the event successful this year by way of time and prize donations; Elizabeth Christman, Blaine Alexander, Marla Burks, Brandi Treadway, Scott, Kelli & Brooke Blackerby, Angela Sadler, Betsy Blevins, Joyce Buchanan, Linda Beckham, Vicki Mcangus, Jennifer Smith, Sheryl Stanley, Amanda Horton, Terry McCalpin, Brandon Chappell, all City of Leonard Personnel, Steve Coker, Eddie Sudderth, L.V.F.D., L.P.D., L.I.S.D., Leonard Family Dentistry, Leonard Graphic, Brad Maxwell, Kings Trail Ministries, Pyrotex, Spring Market, Knucklehead Graphics, P31 Fitness, Leonard Preservation League, L.Y.S.A, and of course all the Chamber of Commerce members/sponsors and volunteers. More importantly, a big thanks to all the residents, guests and alumni for attending this year’s event.

This is only a fraction of those who helped out this year, there were many others who gave time, money and effort and for that we are grateful. As you know, volunteers do not get paid, and have “real jobs” and families that must come first. That being said, your willingness to use your gifts and abilities and most importantly your time, has made the 140th Leonard Picnic a great one.

As we look toward the future, there are those who have expressed their opinion that this event needs to be larger in every way. I think that would be fantastic! The solution is simple, all that is needed is many more volunteers, and whole lot more money. I can’t believe we didn’t think of this years ago. Now that we know what it will take to make it happen, it is time to get to work! Thoughts and ideas are good don’t get me wrong, but we have a good supply of them. What we really need to take this operation to the next level are some large monetary contributions that you probably have laying around the house collecting dust. It is time to step up and get involved. You could be the difference-maker we have been missing all these years. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by again, like it did last year. If you are new to this area, even better! I know your life is probably very busy and hectic right now with everything you have going, and money may be tight, trust me we all can relate to that! Please contact the Leonard Chamber Of Commerce to find out how to get started, and also where to drop off your 2020 Leonard Picnic Fund donations.

Thanks again to everyone who helped with the 140th Leonard Picnic, and to the many new volunteers and fund contributors that are going to really step up and make a difference next year, and for years to come.

Leonard Chamber of Commerce President 2019
Mark Blackerby Class of 91’